Winter Holidays

Hi Everyone, Please note that the MMC will be on winter holiday break until January 6th, 2020.  All projects shall resume on this day, with the exception of TORONTO1 (running non-stop), and new opportunities will be open for sign-up.  TORONTO2 and TORONTO4 have been decided to merge into TORONTO2. Lead by two wonderful doctors (Dr. […]


Hi Moscati Community! The Moscati Medical Club will be expanding its online presence. Wikipedia, Twitter, and Google Business will be released shortly. This shall expand our reach and make event organization a more simple operation. Also, a special script-shortening software has been installed, making the website 1.5x faster. Tests are being conducted on whether all […]

A small victory

Hi Everyone, Today is a small celebration of a sort – an important feature of group chats has been added to our website. This should significantly improve communication within teams.  In terms of projects, a new potential Toronto opportunity is right around the corner. A meeting will be held on November 22nd to officially discuss […]