Our Mission

University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM) – Birthplace of the MMC

The Moscati Medical Club (MMC) is a nation of university students, professors, and practicing physicians – all working together to create a difference in the community. 

The main missions of our club are:

1. To show university and college students what medicine is like in the real-world; through unique healthcare experience opportunities.

2. To continue the legacy of the virtuous Italian doctor, Giuseppe Moscati, through research projects and practical activities which benefit both students and community.

3. To let students explore their medical passions further and gain the critical experience and skills required for all good future physicians.

4. To make discoveries and drive research in the world of medicine.

5. Inspire to conquer the unknown;

“the more we learn about our brain, the closer we get to discovering a process completely – the more we realize that learning everything is, truly, an everlasting experience; it’s impossible” – Italian Neurosurgeon Gianluca Pasquale


What Are Some Things We Do? 

– Assist doctors, from all major healthcare streams, with practical activities; Depending on the project, opportunities may range from direct interaction with patients, to the learning of essential medical skills, to in-depth research with a purpose of driving healthcare forward. 

– Collaborate with university & college professors to develop and realize great healthcare-related research ideas; transforming medical dreams into reality! 

– Work with leading science researchers; opportunities range from publications to laboratory activities. 

– Through our activities we drive medical innovation forward; and at the same time, have a moral duty to improve healthcare in our local communities. 

– Most importantly, the Moscati Medical Club aims to provide university/college students with unique healthcare exposure opportunities – with an objective to inspire, strengthen, and support Canada’s future medical leaders!


How Does it Work?

– Once admitted to the MMC, members are assigned a project that suits their individual interests. Each project has been provided to the MMC by a doctor, researcher or professor who would like to work with students interested in medicine.

– This project can range from clinical work with a doctor, to a professor, or simply composing a research paper from home. Four members of the club will be assigned to each project, thus no one will work alone, or be overwhelmed with work.

– Most doctors and professors require a relatively low time commitment, depending on the project, which allows for students to continue to pursue their studies, while still gaining practical experience in the medical field.

– The MMC provides students with real-life, one-of-kind experiences that you cannot find anywhere else!


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